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Missoula DJ does fancy foot work to help non-profits

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

From MTN News

March 22, 2019

MISSOULA – Lots of people to love to walk in Western Montana but not many would lace up the boots just to create attention for the dozens of smaller non-profit organizations making a difference in our communities.

Enter 93-3 Eagle Country afternoon host Robb Reel, who is pounding the pavement of the Bitterroot Trail this week to do just that.

“It became, what can we do to really get attention for the smaller non-profit organizations. United Way of Missoula County has been great to us in helping gather so many of those organizations,” Reel said.

“You think about all these places that are trying to get something done that may not have a marketing budget or may not a rooftop from which to shout,” he continued.

“I’ve got the microphone, literally and figuratively, so I figured this was a way to get attention for those groups and maybe help them help more people,” Reel stated.

He charged up with a cup of Loose Caboose coffee against the morning chill on Thursday as he launched the “Mattress Firm 93 Miles of Miracles”, with plans to walk the 47-miles to Hamilton between now and Saturday.

Along the way, he’ll be doing reports on his radio show about local non-profits, one for each mile of the trip. Then, on Labor Day Weekend, he’ll make the second part of the walk, returning north from Hamilton to Missoula.

Making some final adjustments, and adding some final supplies to his backpack, Reel took off, pointed south with recorder in hand, smiling with a trip that looked more difficult in the weather of a couple of weeks ago.

“I’m happy to walk through sunny and 50-degrees for three days,” Reel said.

“Ah, yes is the answer to that,” when asked if the 93 applies to miles or blisters. “There will need to be a really good massage, a really big bottle of ibuprofen and a really big bottle of adult beverage by the time I’m done. I think.”

Robb had made it to Florence by Thursday evening and should arrive in Hamilton Saturday evening. If you see him out on the trail, honk and wave your encouragement.


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