The Missoula Nonprofit Center welcomes you to join our coalition of local nonprofits and the consultants who help them create positive change. Consultants are an integral resource for nonprofits, bringing a wealth of information and expertise on everything from strategic planning to financial management to human resources – and beyond. MNC hopes to help facilitate meaningful relationships between nonprofits and Missoula’s talented consultants through our consultant membership, which includes the following benefits:

  • Be listed in our consultant directory, with primary contact information, a short description of services, and a link to your website.

  • Attend MNC-hosted networking events.

  • Receive early notification of upcoming MNC events as well as priority free or discounted registration.

  • Submit events, job openings, article suggestions, and other relevant material to the “Consultant’s Corner” our weekly member newsletter.

  • Submit your events to the MNC public calendar.

  • Submit job openings to the MNC online job calendar.

  • Promote your organization through MNC social media.

  • Opportunities to host free trainings or webinars for nonprofit members.

  • Share in the good will and camaraderie of the hardworking and influential Missoula nonprofit community!

Experts Panel

Consultant Membership is $100 per year.


I believe nonprofits can do anything they put their minds to. But they need the right tools, strategies,

and support to make it happen! That’s where I come in. I build up nonprofits. From the inside out.

By focusing on people, fundraising and systems, I work with clients to move their nonprofit organizations

from survive to thrive.

Providing non-profits with expert consulting on Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads Grant program

management and other techniques to be found online. I can help you take full advantage of the Google Grants

program for free advertising on Google search engine results. I also help businesses with their Google My

Business Listing and other online directories. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation today.

The Dotted i is a Montana based consultant agency that provides grant writing, fundraising, and project
management services across the United States. Owned and operated by Breanna Polacik, and supported
by a knowledgeable team, we help non-profit organizations find and get funding for important projects that
make the world a better place. As one of the only three fundraising professionals in Montana that are
professionally certified through the National Grant Professionals Association, I enjoy sharing my knowledge
with nonprofit leaders through my very own Mastering Grants Training Program. This six-week, customized,
online course will have you successfully finding and securing grants in an organized and stress free fashion!

Bamboo Partners is a business effectiveness consulting company. We help organizations accomplish more

than they thought possible and always begin with focus on the result. We teach as we consult, helping your

organization learn new methods and practices to ensure the results we deliver are sustainable.

Flaherty Consulting is dedicated to maximizing the growth potential and efficiency of nonprofit organizations. Its goal is to assist nonprofits in realizing their potential through consulting services based on recognized best practices; and as a result, offer services and support to organizations in order to create a greater impact in their communities.


An experienced non-profit director and board member, Human Resources Professional, and certified Mediator, Alyssa brings a wealth of knowledge to help organizations maximize their operational efficiency through improved systems and processes. Harmonious Resolutions assists organizations with facilitated strategic planning, creating and updating volunteer and staff manuals and policies and procedures, and establishing systems for managing projects. Additionally, Alyssa is passionate about creating frameworks for communication to minimize conflict within organizations.

  • Dorcie Kafka Dvarishkis, Giving Well LLC​​

I established Giving Well, LLC in 2020 as an opportunity to build on more than 35 years of experience and stories from serving in nonprofit staff and Board leadership, and of mercy and justice work as an ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Diocese of Montana since 2016. Together, we can engage donors, nonprofit organizations, and faith communities in practices for giving well.

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