Housekeeping Assistant

Missoula Aging Services

1. Perform daily housekeeping functions and tasks as assigned by care plan and follow established safety
precautions and infection control procedures.
2.   Ensure that work/cleaning schedules are followed as closely as practical. 
3.   Coordinate daily housekeeping services with outside agencies when performing routine cleaning
assignments in client’s living areas.
4.   Ensure that assigned work areas are maintained in a clean, safe, comfortable, and attractive manner.
5.   Dispose of personal protective equipment in accordance with MAS established sanitation procedures.
6.   Ensure that an adequate supply of housekeeping supplies to perform daily tasks is maintained. Inform
client or family when supplies are needed.
7. Clean and sanitize kitchen sink, surfaces and appliances. May include washing dishes.
8.   Clean/polish furnishings and fixtures according to care plan or as requested by care client.
9.   Clean and sanitize bathroom fixtures and surfaces to include the sink, toilet and tub/shower.
10. Change bed linens and do laundry as requested. Gather and take out household trash to designated
11. Clean floors which includes sweeping, dusting, damp/wet mopping, disinfecting, etc. (NOTE: Make sure
to inform persons in residence of slick surfaces after performing such duties.) Clean carpets, to include
12. Remove dirt, dust, grease, film, etc., from surfaces using proper cleaning/disinfecting solutions. 
13.  Ensure that work/assignment areas are clean and that equipment, tools, supplies, etc., are properly
stored at all times, out of walkways etc., and at the end of the work day.
14. Perform related duties as assigned.

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