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Administrative Coordinator

Community Health Alliance

The Administrative Coordinator is under the supervision of the Executive Director and supports operational aspects including but not limited to customer service, office management, fundraising and stewardship activities, and administrative support.

Specific job functions include: Providing reception and customer service; Processing mail; Monitoring and appropriately forwarding emails from the general inbox; Ensuring common spaces are tidy; Monitoring and restocking office supplies; Maintaining administrative files; Managing technology correspondence for printers, phones, and computers; Preparing and printing weekly thank you letters; Processing in-kind and cash donations; Preparing deposits; Managing database entries and maintaining database functionality and integrity; Assisting with logistics for fundraising events and campaigns; Completing general bookkeeping and reporting tasks; Corresponding with an outside accounting firm for processing of monthly financials for bookkeeping purposes; Preparing Board and Committee minutes; Other administrative and operational tasks as assigned.

Friday, May 31, 2024

Closing date: 

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