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Yellowstone Field Instructor

Ecology Project International

"Field instructors in the Ecology Project International (EPI) Yellowstone Program work in teams of three to teach five- to nine-day field ecology courses for middle and high school students in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Our programs introduce students to real-world scientific study, engage them in conservation service projects, and raise their cultural and ecological awareness.

During Yellowstone summer courses, students work with research partners (e.g., National Park Service) to collect data for wildlife research projects. Participants also engage in a hands-on conservation service project with partners like B Bar Ranch or National Parks Conservation Association. Additionally, there is time dedicated to observing wildlife, experiencing Yellowstone’s unique geology, and whitewater rafting at the end of the course. Field instructors guide student exploration via relevant ecology and scientific process lessons while practicing responsible relationships to place." Contact:

Friday, March 17, 2023

Closing date: 

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