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Construction Project Manager

Missoula Housing Authority

"We are hiring a Construction Project Manager. This position is responsible for overall project planning and scheduling, resource allocation, project accounting and control while providing technical direction and ensuring compliance with quality standards and various funding requirements. The Construction Project Manager responsibilities span a broad spectrum, covering all aspects of project management, including but not necessarily limited to, Project Planning, Cost Management, Time Management, Quality Management, Contract Administration including procurement and subcontracting, and Safety Management. This position also oversees the Maintenance Department.

The role of the Construction Project Manager is to chart out project objectives and plans, set performance requirements, and assist in selecting project participants; bring about optimum utilization of resources including labor, materials and equipment, and ensuring their procurement in accordance with all governing policies and regulations at the most cost-effective terms; implementation of operations through proper coordination; and development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various participants, including tenants who may be onsite during construction.

The Construction Project Manager is a position of great responsibility, requiring complete and thorough knowledge of the construction process with an emphasis on quality. This person will be responsible for the smooth organization, implementation, and completion of the project.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

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